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A very popular arcade from Atari in 1986, converted fairly well to the C64 by Elite around the same time.

Not a particularly fantastic game, so imagine the shock when finding out that a sequel was being made, in 1991!… Around 4/5 years after the original was released.

Mindscape were this time handling the game, which never existed as a arcade.

Paperboy 2 this time featured the chance of controlling a “Papergirl” too, and riding on both sides of the road at different perspectives. Slightly more ambitous and sadly moving too far away from the simplicity of the original.

The game surfaced on all platforms, including the Spectrum and Amstrad, though as with Mindscape’s other game “Captain Planet”, Paperboy 2 was never seen on the Commodore 64. No review, no preview, just a blip on Commodore Format’s time scanner.

It was advertised throughout issues for a while, but this sadly was it. No-one has ever seen how the game looks on the C64.

It’s also not known why the game was never released, nor if its completed or not. Neither is it known who was working on the conversion…

Maybe it was Probe, who did the Spectrum and Amstrad versions?  Nick Jones and Neil Coxhead of course were developing still at the time on the C64.  However Nick Bruty confirmed that Probe were only ever contracted to do the Spectrum and Amstrad versions of the game.  This of course is really strange – as the C64 had the stronger market of the 3 machines.

Did Mindscape have a special deal with an existing C64 developer to do Paperboy 2 and Captain Planet?   Or did they just make a misguided decision not to do a C64 version at all for either game?  A lot more digging required it seems – but one thing for sure is that we may well need to find someone who worked at Mindscape to find out more.

Contributions: World of Spectrum (Scans), Nick Bruty

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