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After the games stopped being reviewed in Commodore Format, it looked like the end of the games scene.. Until a games explosion occurred where this little gem was all ready for release, and this one caused a major uproar on the scene which was left over.

Being coded in Finland, this Dynablaster clone was in my opinion going to be the game of the year. When Jon Wells tried to get hold of the coder to finalise distributing the game, he never replied and ignored all methods of contact.

This game received the highest amount of interest with about 700 reserve slips returned to Jon… A great shame.

Jani Hirvo the coder of the game has recently been in contact with GTW. Saying the game is 90% complete with 100 levels and he may one day finish it.

It has new intros, outro, musics and high score compared with the demo version we all have.

After sending me the PC version, he has said that he may finish the C64 version one day, though we could possibly see it here instead in its 90% finished state.

The confusion with Jani and John was very unfortunate, and Jani tells me that if he had known that 700 people had ordered the game, then he would have certainly got it finished. A big shame really, but watch this space!

Can we see the final game one day?

Contributions: Jani Hirvo

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  • Jani Hirvo speaks to GTW about work on Penguin Tower…

    “I’m the one responsible for coding the game ‘Penguin Tower’ back in the good old days. The game was (sadly) never finished.

    These things are years old so I cannot get mad about things said then. The sad thing is that I never knew that the game was received that well… 700 reserve slips. Man, that was a lot those days and probably would have motivated pretty well to get the product done. It is a pity that the whole thing ended up in problems with communication.

    Just for the curious, I’ve actually been working with the game last summer (2000) doing recoding on the PC with a c64 compiler and emulator. What should be done is the endtro and some bugfixing….You never know if it someday gets released. ;-)”

    FRANK – “So you plan to finish it?…..”

    “Yes, but that’s been the plan for the last five years. πŸ˜‰

    I work as software designer/coder and sometimes I relax from work by, well, doing some more programming. It’s kinda relaxing to sit down and just tap code on a machine you know so well.”

    FRANK – “Maybe the GTW team could finish it off for the site?”

    “Thank you for the offer. I really have to think about this. At the moment all of my C64 development is done on the PC. The game takes currently 98% of the memory space so there’s no room for a (turbo) assembler in the memory. I hope the GTW team is familiar with coding on PC. And… I can watch TV through a TV-card or listen mp3’s while coding. πŸ˜‰

    When the game (PC/C64) is ready, you’ll be one of the first ones to know. …Don’t get your hopes up… It might take some time. ;p”

    4 Responses to Penguin Tower

    1. Laura says:

      Was there ever a modern version released

    2. One of those order slips was mine πŸ™

      A real shame this was never completed. Maybe one day.

      • John Nixon says:

        Me too but John just went quiet! Loved the Demo. Tried to contact Jani many years ago without success. Hope it does get finished, I,ll buy it.

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