The Mindwarp – a lost Maxis game

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Not too much is known about The Mindwarp, but this was a nice looking Descent style game from 1996/97 which was being produced by Maxis software on the PC and which was advertised in a few places and magazines.

The game was reported by SEC as looking very unlikely to be released, and reports in 1997 confirm that the game was canned. Its not entirely clear why, but possibly the game was well overdue (as was Simcopter at the time) and it was felt that the game would not recoup enough money.

One of the designers, Garrett Smith, has the game listed as one of his credits – but no material of the game unfortunately. The YouTube clip demonstrates some rare footage of the game which came as an extra to a Pinball game that Maxis released. The same YouTube entry mentions that there was apparently a playable demo released on a Maxis compilation, but the compilation has not been located.

It is hoped that more can be found out about the game, and even playable versions located. With one credit already, maybe there is a chance of digging this up someday.

Many thanks to Clint Basinger for highlighting this one! We hope to have more on this one soon!


7 Responses to The Mindwarp – a lost Maxis game

  1. I’ve gone through 4 boxes of stuff. Nothing on SimMars and only 3 Mindwarp items. Besides the “Mindwarp Medicine” I mentioned before, I also have a Mindwarp squeezy-ball toy, but instead of being a ball it’s shaped and textured like a brain. Best of all is a like-new Mindwarp t-shirt. Crappy front and back pix are at
    The front has a spiraling “THE MINDWARP” and the back says “GET SUCKED IN!”

  2. I was a Maxis employee from 1991-2003 – never worked on this game though.
    Just ran across this little page when I was reminiscing about this game – I vaguely remember it as being Descent-like.
    I don’t think I have a copy of it, but I do have a marketing tchotchke from back then: “The Mindwarp Medicine” – a big bottle of “red hot” candies….

      • To elaborate, I finally found a museum that might be interested in some or all of my stuff from my 12-year tenure at Maxis (from its 3rd year until well into being just another EA division).
        I just spent a couple of hours cataloging the first box of 3 (I think).
        Seeing the original commenter mention it, I think I do have that Mindwarp T-shirt; if not, I certainly remember it!
        Still working on this cataloging stuff. If there are any particular titles that you’re interested in (I worked on the killed Simsville – dunno what I have from that), let me know and I can send pictures.

        • Thanks Kevin – if you find anything of Mindwarp or even Sim Mars, then that would be great. But anything you find which never got properly released would be great to see any materials that you uncover.

          Thanks for all your help and offer of contributions!

        • Wow, I’m a big Maxis games fan and this sounds great. Any news on all this? Which museum is it?

          I’d be particularly interested in what you have on SimCopter (a game about which there is relatively little info or community online these days).

  3. Being a beta tester for some of the Maxis games (ie SimTunes, SimPark, etc) I did see the playable demo. Very buggy. However they did make T-Shirts and posters. The T-Shirts were black with the saying “the mindwarp” rapped in a circle around the title. The back said “get sucked in”. From what I remember you are a ship inside of a computer killing off virus and what not. It would be cool if EA finished the game and released it but I am sure EA doesnt care.

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