Attack of the Mutant Camels ’89 (Konix)

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Sadly this was one of our most popular articles that was lost in the crash of the old GTW site, which included quotes directly about the game from Jeff Minter himself. Hopefully we will at some stage get the review back, but for now here are the YouTube clips which originally appeared on the Retro Gamer DVD back in 2006 for the Konix special.

AMC’89 got to approximately 70% completion and was coming on very well. Jeff had this to say back in 2006:

“It basically went away when Konix went tits, because I’d invested a lot of time and a fair deal of my own money in the thing and then when they were supposed to be there at a PCW or somesuch show to showcase our stuff they just… werent. :?

It’s a shame really, there was some stuff that looking back on I was quite proud of in that game. I had this whole fractal music generation thing going on that contextually responded to how you were doing in the game, and when I came across the old Retrogamer vids of it some months ago it reminded me, hey, that wasn’t bad, and was a direction I would have enjoyed pursuing fur-ther, given the chance.”

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

Clip 4

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