Rogue Trooper

2006 Unknown

Platform: Mobile J2ME

A short entry for a Java Platform mobile de-make of Rogue Trooper, 3rd person shooter game that was released on many platforms of the time in 2006. The game of course was based upon the 2000 AD comic.

rogue large

In 2024, ex-Ocean Software artist Bill Harbison would provide Games That Weren’t with a series of mock-up screens that were produced to show how the game could look on the platform, depicting an early look at a potential version of the game for a far more limited platform.

It isn’t known if the game was actually started after the mock ups were produced or how far anything got overall. It is likely that the game never progressed past these screens.

We hope to learn more from Bill soon and if there might be something playable out there to some day recover. If you know anything more about the game, then please do get in touch.

With thanks to Bill Harbison for providing the mock-up graphics to include on the site.


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  1. looks like the character sprites on the left got lifted from the Chaos Engine, so it’s indeed a VERY mockup-y mockup.

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