3d Car Game


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Another early production which was having artwork created by Shaun Pearson. This game was being developed also by the same guy who did Elaroo and Koshimo, Juned Wahab.

3D Car Game is merely a working title for a game that was in very early stages of development. Juned had created a really good and fast road system similar to that of Outrun (The arcade version), and Shaun had created two cars which were both 2 sprites wide.

This was pretty much it though for the game, until Juned lost interest in the game like with Koshimo, and it was canned.

Although no code has surfaced, Shaun does have all the car and other sprites that he developed, so hopefully GTW will be bringing these here very soon for people to look at. As for the code, it is hopeful that as we find Juned, he may have most of his
source disks and will allow out some more of his unreleased code.

We do not have any concrete plans about the game. We know that the game was being developed late into the c64’s life, and it might have been hard to find a developer. Musician would most likely have been Dave Dewar again, but there are no known tunes in HVSC by him for the game. Dave has briefly mentioned in the past about doing tunes for a great car game, which is no doubt this very game.

So another GTW case opened, and one yet to be solved… where exactly is the remains of this game, and can Dave find his long lost tunes?… We shall see…

Can you help us with this one?…

Contributions: Shaun Pearson

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