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A very early days entry for a game which we learn about thanks to an excellent interview with Kristi Louise Herd at

Cabal was a medieval themed game which featured full screen backgrounds.

Unfortunately the game never really got off the ground fully, as the game was being written and designed as they went along – which in Kristi’s words was always a bad idea.

The game development lost its way and in the end it was canned.

When asked if Kristi still had any of her disks, she gave the unfortunate news that the disks were stolen with her work on about 10 years ago.

Simon Golding told GTW64 that the game was based on the book by Clive Barker.  They concentrated making a game which was close to the book, compared to the film Nightbreed.  We are not sure yet if this was an official conversion, but it is looking very likely that this was infact the conversion of Nightbreed RPG for the C64.

Could any of the others have something of this game?… We need to firstly work out who the others were exactly, and who this game was intended for.  We have a list of possibilities, and hope to find out from Barry Leitch also – who may have done audio for the game.

It is indeed early days and we need a lot more information for this one.  Do you know any more?  Can it be confirmed as Nightbreed RPG?

Contributions: Andreas Wallstrom, Fabrizio Bartoloni, Simon Golding

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  1. Imagitec Design seemed very good at starting original games that never really got off the ground, in later years…Space Junk (Mega CD/Atari Falcon, then Jaguar CD) and Freelancer 2120 (Jaguar CD then PSone).They seemed far more comfortable doing conversion work…

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