Dragon’s Lair 2


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Ah yes, it is indeed released, but yet another version of the game was in planning for the C64 at least by Empire/Readysoft back in around 1990.

Where as Elite’s version was not inspired by the original game, this one was to follow much closely to the Arcade laser-disc game. The Amiga version was apparently released and did rather well, but is not something you’d really expect on a C64 to be fair.

Elite would have no doubt done a laser disc version of the game, had their Scooby Doo conversion had been pulled off. But they failed due to memory restrictions. No doubt Readysoft/Empire weighed up the possibility of this game being converted and saw that it was almost impossible.

Its unlikely anything was ever started, but we will try and find out more about if it did get to a demo phase at all. Its possible the same people who did Wrath of the Demon could have done work on this. Its a possibility.

Well, we need more research at the moment for a game which is in the early stages of a new search….

More soon we hope on this title….

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