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Xenon 2

1989 Imageworks

The Bitmap Brothers were one of the first companies to explore the potential of 16-bit systems such as the Amiga, and many regard Xenon II: Megablast is the peak of this. This vertically-scrolling shoot ’em up featured advanced graphics and … Continue reading


199? Cream Software

Xermaid thumbnail

Another single screen modern invaders clone. Apart from some nice graphics, the game is very simplistic, and quite poor. A simple attackwave of creatures fly around, and you simply shoot them, then its onto the next attackwave of similiar creatures … Continue reading


1987 Diamond

Xtron was due to be released by Diamond Software, along with various other releases, Diablo, Hollywood Poker and Kaos. However, it seems only Diablo received a release, judging by entries on Lemon64 and the preservation site, GB64. That means that … Continue reading