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02/01/19 – Credits confirmed.

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There are two games with this odd name, and this one in particular is an earlier title which has you controlling a space ship that flies across a simple looking terrain.

There isn’t much else at this stage with the game, and the title from 1988 seems a lot more complete (even though its a completely different game)

The game like with the other named title from 1988 never got finished or released in a fuller form. The graphics artist got in touch and confirmed some credits, so we hope to learn more soon about the games.  It is confirmed that both are by the same people.

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  • 2 Responses to Squelc

    1. Kresten Krab Thorup says:

      This was coded by Preben Thorø (just like the other Squelc title). I did the graphics for both titles.

      • fgasking says:

        Thanks Kresten! I’ll get the page updated.

        Could I just check what the plans were for both games? Any commercial release intentions?

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