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The famous film set was to finally get its long awaited conversion to all the home computers, and issue 4 of Commodore Format stated that U.S. Gold had bought the rights to all three films, promising two games: an arcade game and an adventure game (based on MEAN STREETS by Accolade).

Games X magazine back in 1991 stated that U.S. Gold was cracking on with the home computer versions, and like with Indiana Jones, there were to be two separate styles of game. None other than Software Creations was drafted in to do the arcade-style version, and progress at the time was reported to be good on the game by Commodore Format (see below).

The game was expected to feature five to eight levels, jam-packed with platform and shoot’em up action. The adventure version was to follow the plot of the film very closely. Rumor has it that Delphine were to carry out the adventure version of the game. They may have done the Amiga and ST conversions which were released.

According to Games X, the games were both to be finished in time for the CES show in September of 1991, though sadly this was never to be and the games sank without trace on the C64. Not even a screenshot or a mention was to be made, and so that ended the glorious possibility.

One of the magazines (Commodore Format) said the following:

“Real power can’t be given – it must be programmed. After Francis Ford Coppola’s GODFATHER 3 opened in London to critical acclaim, US Gold is cracking on with the home computer versions. Like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, two separate versions will appear, in the form of both an action and an adventure game.

Software Creations has been called upon to program the arcade-style game and progress is reported to be good. It’s expected that the game will feature five to eight levels, jam-packed with platform and shoot ’em up action. The adventure format will follow the plot of the film very closely.

Speculation as to the identity of those responsible for producing the adventure game is rife. It is suggested that French adventure wizard, Delphine will be behind the game.” Both the adventure and action games will be available in all formats in time for the CES show in September [1991]”

Just how far the games got is unknown and previous employees of Software Creations have never mentioned The Godfather, so some questions will be asked. But who did the Adventure style version?… Was it Delphine?

Recently GTW spoke to ex-US Gold games tester Simon Hadlington suggested that no C64 conversion was ever started, and only the Amiga had a version started. Simon says that he was lead tester, whilst Tony Porter produced the game.

Contributions: Andrew Fisher

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