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Latest news and posts

Two full C64 games recovered

Thanks to Mark Wilson, the GEMS compilation pack has been digitally preserved, which includes 2 previously unreleased full games and also a far more complete version of Starburst (with previously unheard tunes by Andy Brown).  This update also includes a new entry and a few updates thrown in to boot!


Two full titles found and preserved from GEMS collection

Castle BoyStratagos

1 new entry added of a cool looking RPG


4 other entries updated

ArbitratorObliterator, Starburst, Xenon 2

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Frog Dude (Megadrive) and Alfred Chicken (Amiga) prototypes released

GTW recently had an email from Andy Swann, who was one of the key programmers at Twilight back in the early 90’s, and one of the lead developers of the cool Alfred Chicken on the Amiga.

Andy has been attempting to find his old disks, and at Christmas found three disks.  One blank, one with an early demo version of Alfred Chicken (Amiga) and another (and exciting!) early demo of an aborted title called Frog Dude on the Sega Megadrive.

Firstly, Alfred Chicken’s demo is believed to be a ECTS demo with some differences from the final game (including a different picture of Alfred Chicken, different game palette and no sound effects).  A nice curiosity!


Frog Dude is a title which we don’t believe has been heard about before.  It was prototyped around the same time as Alfred Chicken, but wasn’t quite as strong a title – hence development was stopped before it could be touted to any publishers.  Andy was the lead developer, whilst Peter Tattersall was on graphics.   Andy’s agent, John Cook, had come in and said that the Frog Dude title was “workman-like” and suggested they didn’t bother with finishing it.  Andy then went on to port Alfred Chicken to the Gameboy instead.


As you can see from the various screenshots, the game takes some visual cues from Super Mario World, as the guys at the time were very taken by the game.  The game allows you to swap between a mace wielding prince and a frog with a large tongue.  There are some nice cartoony graphics, including a small animated sequence at the start – but no sound in place.


Thanks very much to Andy, he has allowed us to share both the Alfred Chicken demo and Frog Dude with you all.  So feel free to download and run in your favorite emulator and take a look in particular at what could have been a British take on Super Mario World!



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New Games That Weren’t C64 updates

Keeping up the trend, some more new entries and various updates have been added.

This includes news of another Psygnosis conversion that never was, an interesting Club Light game,  a selection of John Vanderaart entries, some newly recovered Duncan Kershaw games,  confirmation that a cartridge version of Spy Who Loved Me did exist,  David Doll speaks to GTW64 about the Virus April fools and much more.  Enjoy!

8 new entries added

Anarchy, Aurum, Club Light adventure, Duncan Kershaw games, Gravity, Playboy – The Game, Smakeloos, The Spy Who Loved Me C64GS,

8 updates added

Castle Boy, Crossbow (William Tell),  Here and there with the Mr Men, Space Hop, Starburst, Stratagos, Toki V1, Virus

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Putty Squad (Amiga) released!

A huge surprise for Amiga fans today, as System 3 have released the Amiga version of Putty Squad after being missing for almost 20 years and to mark the release of the Playstation release.


The game has been preserved thanks to the efforts of Galahad/Fairlight who helped master the game for release with John Twiddy and Phil Thornton.

I have to say, many of us were skeptical to whether the game would ever be released – but credit to System 3 for a very kind gift to the Amiga community just before the end of the year.  Could Fuzzball (C64) be next? ;-)

For more details and download:

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