The Games That Weren’t Team

Games That Weren’t is currently maintained by a team of 6 members.

Here is a brief introduction about each member, and the roles they have within the project. We hope to get more people on board over time.

FrankFrank Gasking (GTW creator, GTW64 webmaster)

Original creator of Games That Werent, concentrating as webmaster of the Commodore 64 GTW project and maintaining these portal pages. Enjoys all things “Retro” and also does the odd bit of C64 graphic work for a few games here and there. If there was a job in this kind of thing, he’d jump at it – Unreleased/prototype games is what gets his goat.

Frank also has a personal blog of various retro goodness which can be checked out at

AndrewAndrew Fisher (GTW64 team member)

A long serving researcher/contributor for GTW64, Andrew has dug up some crucial information on many a lost C64 game and has helped find some long lost titles. Andrews role includes digging up vital information for titles, promotion of the website, recovery of GTW titles and the odd review. Hes a very busy man – just how he manages so many projects, I dont know!

As well as doing some fantastic research, Andrew writes on a regular basis for Retro Gamer magazine.

DaveDave Simmons (GTW64 team member)

GTW64’s original partner in crime, Dave has been with GTW64 since the beginning and helps to find many unreleased games and also arranges for them to be fixed into a working state to add to the website. Arranged crucial fixes for big findings such as Tyger Tyger and Devious Designs. As well as arranging the fixing of titles, Dave has dug out much information and contacts for titles.

Dave is very active within the Commodore 64 scene too.

AdrianAdrian Simpson (aGTW webmaster)

Webmaster of the Amiga Games That Werent mirror. Already they have seen some massive findings, such as Snow Bros in recent times, and there will be more for sure from this very promising sister site. With the Amiga containing so many big name GTWs, things could be interesting soon.

No doubt there is more to come from Adrian and his mirror site!

Alex RossAlex Ross (GTW64 writer/researcher)

Alex Ross helps to review and research various GTW titles for the C64 platform (and possibly others in the future). Alex is a great writer, and this will show in his reviews. He is also a slight fan of Monty The Mole :)

Alex is also has a gaming blog which you can check out here:

PetePeter Weighill (GTW64 researcher)

Another GTW64 regular, Peter Weighill, who has contributed much information on many GTW64 titles over the years through scans and crucial credits. Peter is not actively contributing reviews, but behind the scenes he will be helping to keep the wheels turning by providing some excellent research and findings for many a GTW64 title.

Pete also is a big contributor to other C64 projects such as Gamebase 64.


  • Timo Weirich
  • Patrick Furlong (Amstrad CPC contributor)