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Impossible Mission 2025

1994 Microprose

Platforms: Super Nintendo, SEGA Mega Drive

Also known as “Impossible Mission: The 90s Remix”, Impossible Mission 2025 was to be an enhanced version of the classic 1984 Commodore 64 platformer from Epyx. Not only featuring a whole new game, but the entire 8-bit original as a bonus extra.

feature image1

The new version would however feature the ability to select from 3 different characters, have power ups, multiple sub-games, end-of-level baddies and cut scenes. Continue reading

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Walker unused assets

A very short post to flag up some unused assets that were intended for the Psygnosis classic – Walker,  thanks to Karl Kuras for highlighting.

Tucked away in a Work In Progress feature within The One magazine (issue 47), screens are shown from the upcoming game that we all know and love. However, a number of screens show scenes where you actually leave the Walker cockpit and descend underground into the enemies’ secret base.


Continue reading

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Unreleased Spectrum Codemasters games

Thanks to The Dizzy Fansite, we have learnt of three new unreleased ZX Spectrum games that were intended for release by Codemasters back in the day.

Two were complete, called Alea (created in 1987) and Hovercar Simulator (1989/91), with another called Eros (1988) which was not complete and in its early stages.

HovercarSimulator 2

The games were created by friends José Oliveira and Ricardo Silva (under the label of Computer Weekend), who wanted to get the titles released into the British market. Their confidence in publication saw the Codemasters logo within their loading screens, even though no deals had been signed. Continue reading

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GTW64 September 2022 update

As the summer draws to a close, we present 4 new entries, and 17 updates overall to various titles. We’ve added a new entry for Visualize’s Kung-Fu Warrior, which oddly we haven’t added until now. A strange C64 conversion of a C16 classic that had limited release in Spain and a number of tidy ups for many titles.

4 new entries added

Amphora of the Star GodExorcistKung-Fu WarriorPepe’s Garden

17 updates added

Absolute BeginningAndy Rixon GameAquablastAutoguardBrainBreakIce AgeLethal XcessLiberationLittle BeauLiverpool V1Nigel Mansell’s Grand PrixQuo VadisQuondamRastan V1, The Magic Roundabout, Tunes n TriviaXybots

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1998 Digital Demons Software

Platform: Amiga (AGA only)

Yet another late Amiga game which was sadly never to be, and an interesting looking sideways scrolling shoot-em-up, which had a bit of a Menace/Blood Money feel to it. Details on the game are sketchy, and it seems only Amiga Computer Studio magazine covered it. Here it was revealed that the game would have six levels in total.

Aphasia 2

An old website revealed some digital screenshots, which indicated also that the game was still in very early development and was set to be released around the start of 1998. As well as confirming there would likely be six levels, it talks of levels which would be a mix of vertical and horizontal scrolling. Continue reading

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1999 Aftertaste Productions

Platform: Commodore Amiga

Abducted was an adventure game in the style of the Monkey Island games, and was previewed in magazines such as Amiga Computer Studio and Amiga Fever back in 1999 and during a time when games were really drying up for the platform.


The game was set in 1734, in a small village called Pomperville. The lead character is Slugbert Cramfish, who is walking around the house when a UFO appears in the sky. He is then abducted by aliens and spends the next 10 years in outer space. Continue reading

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1992 Virgin

Platforms: Commodore Amiga, PC and Atari ST

Our next entry looks very much like an isometric version of Cannon Fodder, also released by Virgin, but this was around 1-2 years before that game. This particular title was in development by Perfect Set, and was to have plenty of missions (around 50) to play, where you can do whatever you want.


You would control a group of soldiers, where you could upgrade their firearms from pistols to flame throwers and go against heavily armoured vehicles and other soldiers. Amiga Power described the game as being a “Paintball simulation”, which doesn’t seem to add up compared to the other previews of the game, who called it “Lemmings with missions” Continue reading

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