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GTW64 Xmas 2021 update

Thank you to everyone for their continued support to Games That Weren’t this past year, as we conclude with our yearly update (and larger than our usually monthly update). Plenty to digest and check out and hope you enjoy it!

Gyro Shoc released

A little Christmas present to you all, thanks to Sailor and Taper of Triad. This is a game based loosely on ideas from Dropzone and Wizball, and was developed by Chris Young.


This release and update is dedicated to our friend Jason Kelk, who passed away in June this year and who was originally going to tidy up the game for GTW to release.

Gyro Shoc Continue reading

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GTW64 November 2021 update

A bit back to normality this month, with a lot more new unreleased game entries and updates in our penultimate GTW64 update before the end of 2021. We hope you enjoy it!

8 new entries added


AnnaCoreGapePixie and DixiePopeye V1The Lost WorldUnknown SEUUnnamed game

25 updates added

Allo AlloAlvin and The ChipmunksBloid BrosChoppermanClod JumperCommodore JuicerDimension XDungeons, Amethysts, Alchemists ‘n Everythin’Force Of FourFungus 2Future Bike Simulator V1Hex-BertHuckleberry Hound in Hollywood CapersLethal 2Lord Mc SunParanoid PetePeople from SiriusQrazy QberRazzmatazzSooty And Sweep 2Spy vs Spy III – Arctic Antics V1Tears of RageThomas The Tank Engine 2Typhoon ThompsonUndead

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Whole Brain Spelling preserved!

A quick post to highlight another C64 title preserved, thanks to the efforts of Allan Pinkerton, who has been slowly helping to recover a large number of unpreserved educational titles for the platform.

Today we see the release of Whole Brain Spelling – General Word List, which was an educational title from Sublogic.


We believe there may be others out there to preserve by the company, so we are adding a single entry in GTW64 to try and hunt for these. Here are the links for Whole Brain Spelling:

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Gyruss C64 prototype

1984 Parker Brothers

Platform: Commodore 64

Not quite a GTW64 entry, but an earlier build of the released Gyruss (a brilliant Konami arcade conversion) for the C64 – recovered thanks to preservationist Ken Van Mersbergen.

This prototype dated 2nd May 1984 was found within the collection of disks/materials from the archive of a retired programmer who used to work for Roklan and On-Time Software.

There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of differences that we’ve found so far apart from slightly different attack waves.

Professor Chaos got in touch via the comments to say that there are two differences to the final version and described by him as “theoretical or VERY rare glitches”. One in particular was where it goes straight to a level complete animation when all the enemies finish exploding.

In the final version, an extra check is added to make sure you are still alive (as you could still run into an enemy shot for example). Another difference was the removal of some code that when an enemy’s sprite block is blank, it’s y-position is set off-screen. Professor Chaos suggests that maybe this was unnecessary and removed to make room for the above fix in the first difference.

So, not a major difference to the final version at all – but good to see these different builds preserved, as you just never know what may surface.

A huge thank you to Ken Van Mersbergen for his fantastic preservation work and for preserving this prototype. Thank you to Professor Chaos for checking through the code and highlighting the minor differences present.



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