Covering unreleased and cancelled games and prototypes for the Commodore 64 computer. We are a large archive dedicated to preserving games that were never released to the public. Sharing history and stories from the developers, assets and more before it is too late.

A non-profit digitisation project, aiming to digitally preserve software and history which would otherwise be lost for good. If for any reason there is anything that you do not wish to be on the website, please contact us for removal.

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GTW64 July 2022 update

A bit more up to speed this month, with 5 more new entries, including a large catalogue listing to try and find a bunch of software that may not yet be preserved and a homebrew title that hasn’t seen the light of day since 1991. Then a nice 16 updates to existing archive titles with some tidy ups and new information in places.

5 new entries added

BrainBreak, BlockieDynacomp catalog titlesMegváltóOperation Neptune

16 updates added

Catch 23Dungeons Of DeathEnduro Racer V2English InvadersIndiana Jones And The Last Crusade V1, Jonny Quest and the Splinter of HeavenMega GamesMindbending Aliens From HyperspaceMurder!NefariousPulsatorR-Type V1Scooby DooThe FlintstonesThe JetsonsWilberforce

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The Mind Possessing Aliens from Hyperspace

1991 Demonware

Platforms: Commodore Amiga, C64 (see link below) and PC

Originally we knew of this game thanks to its appearance in an Early Warning scanner in Commodore Format magazine. This was for the C64 edition, which we have covered already under the C64 GTW archive site. Our focus for this page is for the Amiga and PC editions which are also currently missing.

mind640 1

The basic story line was of a Mad Doctor Von Stal discovering a way to send people into hyperspace, but hasn’t worked out how to get them back. But also how to stop the flood of monsters coming through the opening he’s created and are taking over people’s minds.

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GTW64 May 2022 update

For May 2022 we have the following 6 new additions and updates for the site, including a number of new entries and preservations over the past month. Also details of another Shadow of the Beast conversion that was under way and various tidy ups and additions for 33 pre-existing entries. Enjoy!

6 new entries added

Harold V1McMurphy’s MansionPlayWriter seriesRabbitJack’s CasinoShadow of the Beast V1Silvia

33 updates added

2400 A.D.Alien gameBatman ReturnsBee 52Bible Research Systems titlesBob’s Full House V1CJ In SpaceCJ’s 4th AdventureChopsDefensiveDouble Dragon V1Educational Activities, Inc. titlesFormula 1 SimulatorFormule 1Gravity XHard Drivin’ V1K-TEK Software titlesKarnov V1Kick Your BrainLOGO-Logic 1 and 2MegatanoïMicro Application titlesNigel Mansell’s Grand PrixNuclear Sub CommandPhoenix LairRace Drivin’Sprites Software titlesStreet Fighter 2 V1TetrixTruccZamzara V1ZgadulaZynon

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More C64 titles preserved

Thanks to the amazing efforts of contributor Allan Pinkerton, two more unpreserved C64 titles have now been preserved in the form of the final missing Playwriter title – Castles and Creatures (which goes now with the other titles preserved in April), but also a previously unknown title from Micro Learn called Myths, Magic and Monsters.

Allan has scanned in all the materials and also preserved the disks, which you can download below. Many thanks to Allan Pinkerton for his hard work and dedication to see these titles preserved.


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