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Gamebase64 needs you!

Gamebase64 has been a hugely important digital archive for the Commodore 64 for over 25 years now, bringing together all of the games that have made the platform so special.

Webmaster and developer Steven Feurer tragically passed away suddenly in July 2023 which has hit the team incredibly hard. Steve was a great friend to all the team and was the glue that kept everything together and running for so long. Without Steve, there is no web presence – which is important to promote the site and encourage submissions/corrections.

Leaving the team without a web developer and maintainer has now put the project at huge risk of losing its online presence. Michael Plate (Database project leader, creator and maintainer of the collection) has put out a plea via the Lemon64 forums for any help to keep this great project going.

I wish personally that I could step in to help, but we have too much going on at the moment with preservation work and Games That Weren’t.

If you feel you might be able to help, or know someone who could, please do get in touch via the forum at: and help save this amazing digital archive.

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Mountain Valley Software unreleased C64 games

A bonus post to finish the week. Recently Fabrizio Bartoloni flagged up someone called BloodyCactus looking at an unreleased C64 adventure game called The Mermaid and the Crown.

Whilst looking into details to try and add entries onto the site, via the CASA Solution Archive we found that there were about 5 other adventure titles by Mountain Valley Software that were also never completed and released.

So, here are entries for all six of the titles overall, in case you hadn’t seen them before:

With thanks to Fabrizio Bartoloni, BloodyCactus and CASA Solution Archive.

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GTW64 August 2023 updates

As summer starts to near the end, we continue to squeeze out more updates for the C64 archive – which seems to have no end in sight! Check out the following updates for August:

Early Karl Hörnell game found


Karl Hörnell’s early title Puzzle Mania has been found and preserved by Genesis Project. Check out some of Karl’s earliest work.

Puzzle Mania

19 Boot Camp – Part 2 graphics found

19load mpic

A big recovery has been made by GTW64 on a series of assets for the adventure version of 19 Boot Camp – Part 2. Check them out below if you missed the recent update.

19 Boot Camp – Part 2

Also … 5 new entries added

Anty UpConnectionsFunfair IncMatterhorn1990

And … 19 other updates added

ArthemaBombChessCrystal Castles V1Denny’s Quest 2Devious DesignsFootlooseJoustMessiah 3Phoenix LairPrince Of PersiaQuo Vadis V2RockusShear PanicSwitchbladeTyphoon ThompsonVictory Road (UK version)Worron

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GTW64 July 2023 updates

The months are flying fast, and now its time for our July 2023 update for the GTW64 archives with two new additions, including an unnamed Andrew Braybrook game and a potential title where music was composed by Tim/Geoff Follin. We also have 16 pre-existing entries which have been updated too. Enjoy, and happy summer everyone!

2 new entries added

FootlooseUnnamed Andrew Braybrook game

16 updates added

A Fi$tful of Buck$AlbedoAlloyrunBig RunBraindeathEastEndersFantastic VoyageFlonkGraham Gooch World Class CricketPower PrickRockusSankara StoneSapiensSave Those JanitorsStratosThe Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

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Where to find us

Just a reminder that we have various social media outlets, where we also do regular news updates and posts from the site (as well as other prototype and unreleased games communities). If you use one of the following, then please feel free to give us a follow:

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