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Unicorn Software

Status: Full Game, Findability: 2/5


Another combination entry for what might possibly be just a hunt for titles that are yet to be preserved. Thanks to Allan Pinkerton, its been highlighted that a number of Unicorn Software educational titles are still at large.

Check out the PDF of the catalogue below, but there are titles such as the following which still need to be found:

  • 10 Little Robots (Found)
  • Funbunch – College Board Preparatory
  • Funbunch – Elementary
  • Funbunch – Intermediate
  • Race Car ‘Rithmetic (Found)
  • Ships Ahoy (Found)
  • Jumble Jet
  • Animal Kingdom

We feel that the games were all released, and got to completion (hence the screenshots in the catalogue), but they were sold in such limited numbers that they are hard to find currently.

Race Car ‘Rithmetic we know exists, as it is on the retrocollector.org website. Hopefully this will mean that we’ll see the game preserved at some point soon.

10 Little Robots was also confirmed as released in August 2021 by Marco Das, and we have added scans and a image of the game thanks to him.

Ships Ahoy is currently owned by HÁ¥var Bruvold Hojem and will hopefully be preserved and made available soon.

Can you help recover and preserve the other games?

Contributions: Allan Pinkerton, Marco Das

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Update history

18/08/21 – 10 Little Robots confirmed as released and preserved copy added to site thanks to Marco Das.

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  1. i have the 10 little robots version from ozisoft (australia).
    Ships ahoy is owned by Havar, check retrocollecter site for these.

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