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A quick entry for a game that didn’t exist for too long sadly.

This game was a minimalistic sci-fi horror, placed inside a large spaceship. A sort of Laser Squad clone, with very fast turns.

It sounds like the game didn’t get too far, and only NecroPolo’s tunes now exist. Sadly it seems it was all lost in a house fire in 1994 – so the likelihood of anything ever surfacing apart from the music is almost nil.

Contributions: Gaz Spence

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  • Music_Geister
  • NecroPolo talks about Geister (via CSDB):

    “My second (and last) game tune, written for an odd software developer guy called zOnE in 1994 (not identical with anyone under that name here). Geister was a minimalistic and badass sci-fi horror strategy placed inside of a huge spaceship, a bit similar to Laser Squad but with very fast turns and short (1-2 minute) levels. Besides SID torturing, I wrote the story and worked on game concept. zOnE wanted short aggressive background music, so that was it. The game had no FX, I had all 3 channels to let loose the filters.

    All the source code was destroyed when zOnE’s place burnt to dust in October, 1994. He had been so afraid of being ripped off that he didn’t let a byte out of his house, not even for me. After the fire, zOnE stopped writing games and I stopped writing C64 music soon after. Some riffs of Geister survived in my later band projects.

    These tunes have the sound I wanted but they are in beta state and are not optimised – exactly where I left them in 1994, after many failed C64 projects, being fed up with all.

    NAME: Intro

    NAME: Start/title screen

    NAME: Reactor level

    NAME: F’n big droid level

    NAME: Scanner level
    COMMENT: There is some off-beat “beep” for zOnE’s request as a scanner-like sound. That
    was zOnE’s fav track, especially the concrete breaker part from 1:30.

    NAME: Abductor level

    NAME: Dreadnought level
    COMMENT: Riffs were used in the first Wackor EP in 1999 in the song “Iced”.

    NAME: Time out! /last turn/

    NAME: Level complete
    COMMENT: Riffs were used in the first RKH album in 1995 in the song “Curable”. I wrote the
    whole song around that little piece.

    NAME: Weapon shop
    COMMENT: Riffs were used in the first Wackor EP in 1999 in the song “Iced”.

    NAME: Highscore”

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