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Already we have a few entries in GTW which are Apex based games, and here is another one.

Not too much to say at present, apart from that this was a game being developed around 3 years before Creatures in around 1989.

The actual game itself isn’t really well known, and all we have is the following quote from Apex from the Mayhem diaries (part 1)…
"This was a game which we designed three years before Creatures and was in the playable demo stages before we
decided to abandon the project (because of the technical limitations of the C64). Since its initial design we’ve developed it into an awesome game, which is unfortunately just in our heads. Ho Hum. Look out for it on a more powerful machine in the future
. Virtual Reality would be nice."

Indeed it sounds very interesting, and we hope to find out more from the Rowlands about this game. Was it a space game?… Was it a cute game?… We don’t know just yet.

More soon we hope…

Contributions: Andrew Fisher

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