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We cover Unreleased & Cancelled Video games for the Commodore 64 computer. A non-profit large archive dedicated to preserving games that were never released to the public, as well as prototypes and the odd preservation of released titles. Our aim to share history and stories from the developers, assets and more before it is too late. GTW has been preserving video game history since 1999.

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GTW64 April 2024 update

It is a big week, as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary of Games That Weren’t. It’s also our monthly update to the Commodore 64 archive, with plenty of new and updated materials for you to check out.

2,500 entries now in the GTW64 archive!

To tie in with the 25th Anniversary celebrations which are due on the site this Wednesday, we have also hit a significant milestone with 2,500 entries now available within the GTW64 archive. Since 1999, we have been building the archive and recovering many unreleased games for the Commodore 64 for you to check out!

6 new entries added

Ok, I admit – to get up to that magic number, I may have made sure that I added at least 6 new entries this month. This includes news of a possible US version of Strider and some other promising titles which sadly seem to have been abandoned.

BacillusBeat Em UpBruce Lee 2Galencia Khaos SphereInfaredStrider USA

24 updates added

Then we have quite a few updates and changes to 24 titles, with a lot of updates thanks to Anonymous Contributor. Each page has a “History” segment which explains what has changed.

ABCArthurBreakerBushido WarriorChart BreakerEuchre for FourField of FireGoremiumHabitatHorror DriveKoshimoLotyaMindsmearOrbital RunPiracyQuest for CyrusStarfighter OneStarglider 2Super EliteSuper PinballSuper StardustTime Scanner V1TwintrisUltra Games

See you all next month, and look out for the 25th Anniversary post coming up in a day or so!

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Bushido Warrior

1988 Ariolasoft / U.S. Gold

Platform: Atari ST, Commodore Amiga, PC, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64

Bushido Warrior (or potentially just Bushido) was a new oriental themed Gauntlet clone that was due out for a wide number of platforms, published by Ariolasoft/U.S. Gold. The Commodore 64 edition is already well documented via our GTW64 page.

A very rare screenshot of the Atari ST edition of the game. Sadly still at large!

Although a Gauntlet clone, it was more than just a clone – and it seems that the entire 16-bit editions may have been based off the Gauntlet conversion codebase. Computer and Video Games magazine spoke with the ST developers, Graham Lilley and Teoman Irmak in August 1987. Continue reading

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GTW64 March 2024 update

A slightly smaller update this month, as we focus efforts on preserving the rest of Archer Maclean’s disks and also the Micro-Antics collection for the VIC-20. However, still plenty of new content to take a look at – including the recovery of the lost Breakdown loading screen, a number of educational title findings, a strange Ocean Software game done for TV and more.

Breakdown loading screen found!


Missing for over 30 years, the lost loading screen for Breakdown that wasn’t included with the Zzap!64 covertape game, but shown in the magazine pages has been recovered thanks to Icon / The Preservers:

Breakdown lost loading screen

2 new entries added

Many preserved titles and a nice new Ocean oddity too:

AnglerSoftware for Schools titles

10 updates added

Body SlamCaveman NinjaChariot Race 64Last Ninja V1QuizerRace Through SpaceSunburst Communications titlesUndeadField of Fire, Piracy (C128)

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GTW64 February 2024 update

Already into the second month of 2024, and plenty more updates for the GTW64 archive. So here is what we have for February 2024:

Two new recoveries

Thanks to Csaba Virag, two more seemingly unpreserved games have been found. It isn’t clear if they were actually released or not, but here they are:

Pong Mini and Quizer

11 other new entries added

Then we have a new batch of titles added to the archives thanks to our contributors (each credited in each piece). The archive continues to grow even today!

3D Killer PillerABCBndrsntchBombuzal editorCurse of the PharaohsDr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeEuchre for FourField of FireQuest for CyrusRuba e fuggiTwo hearts and a chickenpot

12 entries updates

Then as usual – we finish with a series of updates to entries already in the archive. Details of what has changed/been added can be found in the history tab for each title.

Chain Reaction V1DelphianForbidden PlanetFurther Adventures of Alice in VideolandMetal PiramidMorgolPirates of the OceanPulsatorSpeed FighterThe 4th DimensionTyger TygerWho Dares Wins

New area on Archive.org for Allan Pinkerton

Allan has been helping out GTW64 for many years with various preservation efforts, and he is now uploading many more over at Archive.org, so be sure to check things out:


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Matchmaker: Grammar disk preserved

A quick post thanks to Bertrand / Atari Frog, to highlight the recent recovery of an unpreserved educational title for the C64 called Matchmaker: Grammar. Released in 1983 by American Educational Computer.


The disk was preserved by SoulBuster on the AtariAge forums, who has prolifically been preserving many a Atari 400/800 title. With Matchmaker, there was an Atari version one side, and C64 the other. The download can be found below.


Matchmaker Grammar (1983)(American Educational Computer)(US)[disk]

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