BBC Micro unreleased games

In the climb in anticipation for the upcoming In Da 80s! event, Dave Moore (Of Stairway to Hell fame) and Peter Edwards have been very busy trying to encourage developers to come along and help create some new games!

Well, along with this – the guys will be unveilling a very impressive range of unreleased and incomplete BBC Micro games which have been salvaged from various old tapes and disks picked up in recent times.

Some of the highlights include (Thanks Dave for the notes):

  • Uropa by Stephen Smith (who also wrote Krystal Connection, the unreleased Melbourne House title that Retro Software completed in 2009). Uropa II wasactually released, but for the Amiga.
  • An Early version of Kenton Price’s Starquake conversion (Not a GTW, but an interesting curio nonetheless)
  • A very early Moon Patrol demo by Kenton Price
  • Klepto Kapers by Kenton Price
  • Jeltron by Gil Jaysmith and Richard Broadhurst.

More details on each of these can be found via the forum thread over at Thanks to Dave Moore for the heads up!

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