Gauntlet (c64) – with speech?

Thanks to Obi-Wandi, we learn that there was potentially an earlier edition of Gauntlet on the C64, which featured “easily comprehensible speech synthesis”.

This was according to Happy Computer magazine and in their review of the Amstrad edition of the game.

Could any of those involved in the C64 conversion confirm this? Sadly Bob Armour does not answer any retro related enquiries, so its unlikely we will find out (he’s also most likely sitting on a copy of Murder! too). Would be interesting though to learn if the reviewers got things correct :)

Thanks to Ross Sillifant, it seems the best person to answer things will be a chap called Bill Allen. Is there an earlier edition waiting to be found??

So far it seems Tony Porter from a Conversion Capers article in Retro Gamer Magazine issue 23 (Thanks Ross!) has confirmed that the speech sounded terrible and took up too much space, so it was dropped. We can still check with Bill Allen if there is still a version somewhere with the speech included.

Here is a gallery of articles mentioning the speech, thanks to Ross for sourcing!

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  1. You’ll notice in the C.U feature Bill’s qoute about the speech being better than Slo Flight etc is regarding the Coin-Op, NOT any planned C64 speech.

    C+VG just miss-quoted him. He does say he planned to try and fit some speech in, IF there was any memory left over.

    So there we have it, examples of UK Press miss-quoting, making things up (re:7800 version) etc.This is why it pays to go the multiple sources route.

    • It’s something where these days if we specify a fact from the press, we say that they reported it.. not that it was actually true. I suspect though in the past I have certainly taken press releases as gospel in my earlier days of GTW :)

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