Platoon early differences (C64)

Platoon was a superb movie tie-in game from Ocean Software back in 1988 with some excellent varied levels that captured the essence of the movie.

Thanks to contributor Martin Inter, here are some slightly earlier Commodore 64 screens which show some differences to the final game.

platv1 1

Firstly we have a very different and early score panel for the tunnel section in the game, followed by another level that shows “Stamina” and “Bullets” as text instead of “Morale” and “Ammo” like in the final game.

Small differences, but something all the same. If you spot any other earlier screens, then please let us know and we’ll add to this page.

With thanks to Martin Inter for the submission.


3 Responses to Platoon early differences (C64)

  1. Makes me wonder whether those Asian characters are actually meaningful or just random art. I would suspect the latter – not sure if game developers back in those days had the budget or the means to get something meaningful there.

      • They were, if memory serves, simply created for the game. I don’t think we had the time or the common sense to actually get true Vietnamese characters created.

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