Aliens vs Predator

1997 Rebellion

Platforms: Sony PlayStation and SEGA Saturn

Thanks to Ross Sillifant for the heads up, a short clip of what seems to be the unreleased PlayStation version of Aliens vs Predator can be found in this fascinating video of the E3 show back in 1997:

It should start at the right place, but if for any reason it doesn’t – skip to 2:05:29.

The entire video (which has been online for a few years) is worth checking out, as it features a number of unreleased titles within. The game was also planned for release on the Sega Saturn, which also saw cancellation. The PC version was delayed and eventually released in 1999.

In April 2023, contributor Molasar fed back a number of other links showing parts of the PlayStation edition and various scans. Here are the resources:

More gameplay from E3 1997:

Scanned screenshots from Micromania Spanish magazine:


Scan from Next Generation 34 Oct 1997 with 3D characters:

Scan from PC Zone 54 (September 1997):

Scan from Playstation Plus Vol #2 Issue #11:

With thanks to Ross Sillifant for the original video heads up and to Molasar for the resources.

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