Troll (C64) pre-release screen

Thanks to Dan Warren, here is yet another pre-release screen, this time from Palace Software’s 1988 Troll game.

There are some very minor graphic differences compared to the final version, including the score being on the opposite side and some slight differences in the main area. Scan courtesy of Stephen (Mort) Stuttard.

2 Responses to Troll (C64) pre-release screen

  1. Although it is the blurry photo I doubt very much that it is from the Commodore64 version. Excluding the black color of the sprite outline and two buttons of the shirt made in “high resolution” of the goblins, there are the two fixed colors of the c64: skin pink and gray of the pants and the rest for the shirt, as shown then explain the brown and green colors of the troll ?. Would it rather be a version of Amiga, Atari ST or Amstrad CPC ?.

    • That’s a very good point! I think its certainly a C64 screen, but it could likely be a mock up image in an art package rather than a game play screen. The hi-res overlays on the sprites are for instance are missing, then there is the colour issue as you say.

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