Elric: The Almon’s Mission

1995 Psygnosis

Platforms: PC and Sony PlayStation

Elric: The Almon’s Mission was an RPG title being developed by Psygnosis way back in 1995, based on the character by Michael Moorcock. The game was intended for release on both PC CD and Sony PlayStation, and was brought to light to Games That Weren’t by contributor J.M. Ratkos, who found details of the game from an old E3 press kit from Psygnosis.

Some screens recovered show what seem to be some early cut scene images and title page imagery:

In addition to the images, there was a description as follows about the game itself:

Michael Moorcock is a master of the art of science fantasy and Elric is one of his greatest creations, the last of the Menilbonean emperors and a formidable warrior.

In this fantasy role playing adventure for PC CD and Sony PlayStation, you take on the role of this classic fantasy character in an epic battle with Almon, the dark wizard, who is promising to rejuvenate the kingdom, but who’s true motives remain unknown.

With three cities, two villages and eight dungeons to explore in real time, fully rendered 3D, The Almon’s Mission is a complex and engaging fantasy adventure with the depth to satisfy the most demanding role playing gamer. Utilise a vast range of spells, magical options and weapons as you unravel the mystery of the Almon, as Elric, a legendary hero without equal.

Intriguingly it seems that the game underwent a possible redesign/redevelopment when the game was later renamed to Elric: The Necromancer, still for Psygnosis and being developed by Haiku Studios. It may well have just been a name change in the end, and we’re yet to get confirmation. More details (including screens and assets) for this later edition can currently be seen at both https://www.playstationmuseum.com/vggraveyard.html and https://www.unseen64.net/2008/04/11/elric-psx-cancelled/

The game would just disappear, even though Psygnosis stated back in 2000 that the game was just on hold and were seemingly hopeful it would be released later that year. According to one of the artists, David (Moonchild) Demaret, a decent engine couldn’t be found or arranged to get the game working properly and it was cancelled as a result.

Not long after the cancellation, a second attempt at a title featuring Elric was put into production, called Stormbringer: Elric of Melniboné. Developed by a different studio called Snowball Interactive for both PC and SEGA Dreamcast. This was also cancelled – more details of which can be read over at Unseen64 about that particular production.

Thanks to J.M. Ratkos for the recovered information + screens.


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