1992 Psygnosis

Platform: Amiga

Thanks to Ross Sillifant, here are a few more screenshots for the unreleased Psygnosis Amiga game Superhero – which wasn’t cancelled as such, but oddly caught up in a police raid. More on that in a moment.

The screenshots we’re adding here are from French magazine “Joystick”, and also include a selection of screenshots from an earlier build of the game when it was known as just “Hero”. The magazine pages are also added here as well.

The story of the game is pretty interesting, and has been well documented over at Indie Retro News. Certainly worth a read. Sadly it is looking increasingly unlikely that the near complete game will see release on the Amiga.

There are already a number of other screenshots and even a demo that you can download and play. Rather than just replicate the resources here, you can check them out via


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