Hidden Treasure

1992 Enigma

Platform: PC

An interesting title that has been flagged up to us thanks to contributor @AnythingAnyth19. This is a title which was created especially for a competition and was in three segments overall.


We are not sure just yet if this is a competition that never happened, though we haven’t been able to find the game at all in digital archives as of yet. Also, it seems the game and competition was only advertised a few times before disappearing – likely when the competition finished. If the game/s were actually distributed and released, then they may yet need to be preserved.

The company Enigma would ask users to register with them for $10.00, and each month a new series in their game “Hidden Treasure” would be released. Each month the game getting harder. There would be over $60,000 in cash prizes available. An advert for this was shown in Compute! January 1992.

A few months later in May 1992, there was a more visual advert where you could buy three games in total at different price levels, with more expensive prizes, or all three games for a combined discount. To win the prize, you would need to register the best time overall.


It isn’t fully clear what the games entailed, though the second advert would give a small glimpse. The titles seem to show a simple flick screen platform and ladders game – similar to Montezuma’s Revenge.

The competition would run until the 30th June 1992, with prizes due to go out on the 15 July that year. The question is, did anyone enter the competition and did the games exist?

If you know more, please do get in touch and help us preserve these strange competition titles.

With thanks to @AnythingAnyth19 for flagging up this title.


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