Echelon: The Storm

2001 Hyperion Software

Platform: AmigaOne

There were big plans with the AmigaOne, and yet another title that would be planned for it was a conversion of Echelon: The Storm. A game that was being developed by Buka Entertainment that year for the PC platform and eventually released in 2001.

echelon 640

The game was an aerial combat simulator with a first person view, where as well as piloting planes, you could control other vehicles too. Around 100 in total, with 100 additional objects that would appear in the game. The entire game would consist of two campaigns, each with 30 non-linear missions taking place in different weather conditions at different times of the day.

There would also be multiplayer features, though it was too early to say if this would feature in the planned Amiga edition. Amiga Computer Studio also mention that it wasn’t clear if Hyperion Software would be converting the game, or Buka themselves – so its early days with regards to information on this title and we’ve put in Hyperion for now as the potential publisher.

Oddly, Amiga Active featured screenshots of the game in their “Publish and be Damned” feature, talking to Titan Computer and Epic Entertainment about their upcoming releases – but there was no mention of the game within the article itself. Was it perhaps one of those two who were looking to convert it?

The question really is whether any conversion ever got off the ground at all, or if this was only merely plans that were being made at the time. The screenshots are very likely just to be taken straight from the PC edition. If you know anything more about this potential conversion, please do let us know.

With thanks to Grzegorz Antosiewicz for highlighting the game and scans, Fever for the date correction and also to Amiga Magazine Rack for Amiga Active scans.


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