Games That Weren’t has many many titles to search for after many suggestions and submissions of information over the years. It’s hard to get everything added with full review entries, so to ensure we keep open the searches for those not in the archives, these lists have been compiled.

With a massive thanks to the guys at Gamebase 64, we have used their database to extract a list of missing games, preview titles. Please note some will already have entries in GTW64, as we’re unable to completely filter out without a lot of manual work, so please bear this in mind when filtering through. Can you help shed any light on anything under these lists?…

PLEASE NOTE – It’s entirely possible that since the generation of the lists that Gamebase or someone else has recovered the game. If this is the case, please let us know and we’ll remove from the list. Better to be safe than sorry! :)

Additionally we thought about listing titles flagged as “Unpublished”. Are any GTW material?… Take a look. There will be a few titles with entries already in GTW, and some may be hacks of commercial titles (So ignore those :) )

Eventually, we may confirm some titles as actually released, or someone may come forward with more details. In time, most of these titles will get their own entries within the archive (Consider it sort of a “To do” list for us! :-) ). This replaces our old wanted list we used to have. If for any reason you want to check out the last version (dated back in 2006), then click here.

Can you help us with our searches? Please contact us if you can help!

Materials are sourced with permission from the Gamebase 64 team with thanks!