Super Daryna


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

A strange little title with little known about it really. Super Daryna sounds like some kind of Mario rip off, but was infact a kind of RPG title coming to the C64 and Amiga platforms by the publishers of PP Hammer and Gem X.

There was hardly anything mentioned about the game, apart from an amiga magazine clipping saying…
"Super Daryna is designed to be an action game with a puzzle element. Here we see our hero confronted by some skeletons. The best option would be to plough into them with your sword swinging"

We have included the screenshots to have a look at, so you can get a rough indication of how the C64 version might hare faired.

It seems that the game may have got cancelled when Demonware went under, thats if they actually did at that point?
As first leads, we could look at the developers of PP Hammer and Gem X (Even Ooops Up!) to see if they know any more about this game. We have some credits to check out from these other games, which might give us the key to finding more about this particular title.

More soon we hope, but check out the amiga shots for now!

Anyone know about this game?…

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