About GTW64

Games That Weren’t (GTW) originated from an article by Ian Osborne in the later issues of Commodore Force in 1993. Originally entitled, “That was the game that wasn’t”, the feature was of great interest and shed light on titles which people never knew even existed. Often it was thought how these games would be like to actually play.

Research through many hundreds of old magazines started to uncover even more unreleased / imcomplete games, and eventually the information evolved into a regular feature for the now sadly deceased Commodore Zone magazine, called “Games That Weren’t”. Popularity of the feature from its readers pushed the demand for a web site to detail more about other unreleased games.

After a successful year, the site’s interest grew, games began to be found, thanks to the wonders of the Internet and email, and information about various games grew. Eventually an archive was established to download these lost / unfinished games, and the site essentially started to became an archiving project in its own right.

GTW64 is a C64 focused project attempting to find all incomplete and lost C64 games, and to try and bring them home in their final glory where they have been static in a dusty attic for years. Not only do we try and just find these lost games, but we give the chance to give a bit of credit to hard work which has gone unnoticed. To work on a game for several months, and not see it enjoyed by others is a huge shame, and GTW sets out to give developers feedback on their long lost titles by adoring C64 fans.

So far, GTW has helped to find versions and information on many previously lost games, such as Solar Jetman, Armalyte 2, Deadlock, Search For Sharla, Tyger Tyger and many more. In 2012, GTW64 was merged with the main site and finally the 9 year old template was put to rest. An archive of 2003-2012 news items can be downloaded here: gtw64-news-archive

Its not all done alone though! An essential part of the success of the project is YOU!…. Being a large group of fanatics who know your stuff, your help is essential to us trying to find games which have gone by the wayside. If it’s just credits, infomation or even the game itself, contributions from the scene have been immense so far for GTW. Possibly you are a developer who worked on a piece of software that never quite made it. If so, then please email us!… Even if its long lost, or just a sprite.. we’ll write a review about it and preserve it forever.

So what exactly is a GTW?…. Well, after many arguements and discussion, we have come up with a simple list for the time being (Which can change in the future). This is so not to dilute things too much. Here are the general rules as discussed with followers of the site:

1) Titles must be intended for Commercial release, and not PD (Post-1995 Games Companies will count also).
2) Work disk work is considered, but only on the grounds that it was never intended as PD. (This is still debated)
3) If planned heavily for release in say the UK, and only got released in another country, then its considered (See Fly Harder).
4) Early or complete versions considerably different to an actual released version will be considered (See R-Type)
5) Game Maker games such as SEUCK only considered if a Commercial Company were definately to release it.
6) Games not started will need a stable background and detail to convince that great thought and planning was made (See Zool).

If you have something which doesn’t meet the criteria, but feel it IS a GTW, then feel free to contact me and argue it over… even on the forum. There are the odd occasion where exceptions are made, such as early work disk stuff of famous ex-C64 programmers.

Well, all there is left to say is that we hope you enjoy the site, and if you’re able to help, then please do. We thrive on help from other people which helps to maintain a successful project.

We are a non-profit digitization project, aiming to digitally preserve Commodore 64 software which would otherwise be lost. If for any reason there is an item of software that you do not wish to be on the website, please contact us for removal.