About GTW64

Please see https://www.gamesthatwerent.com/about/ which talks more about the Games That Weren’t archive as a whole and its history.

GTW64 specifically though is our Commodore 64 focused part of the archive attempting to find all incomplete and lost Commodore 64 games. Not only do we try and just find these lost games, but we give the chance to give a bit of credit to hard work which has gone unnoticed.

So far, GTW64 has preserved many hundreds of previously lost and unreleased Commodore 64 games (as well as hosting/archiving many more). These include major titles such as Daffy Duck, Solar Jetman, Deadlock, Tyger Tyger and many more.

In 2012, GTW64 was merged with the main GTW site and finally the 9 year old template was put to rest. An archive of 2003-2012 news items can be downloaded here: gtw64-news-archive

So what exactly counts as an entry for our archive? Well, here are a few basic guidelines:

  1. Mainly we’re looking for titles that were to be commercially released, but never made it. Things intended for Public Domain release, we can also add.
  2. Any C64 software that has not yet been preserved or made available – please do send it in!
    1. Over the years, we’ve extended our archive to help search for unpreserved software to help with projects such as CSDB, Gamebase64 and HVSC.
    2. So, demos as well, music not yet preserved. Over the years from work disks, we’ve helped to preserve music for HVSC. We love trawling through Compunet disks from users who downloaded from the online service – still much to be found from those disks.
  3. If a game was planned heavily for release in say the UK, but only got released in another country, then we probably want to add an entry (See Fly Harder and Hagar The Horrible).
  4. Early or complete versions considerably different to an actual released version. Like R-Type, which was being done at one stage by a completely different development team.
  5. Game Maker games such as SEUCK are ideally considered if there was a commercial link or intention to sell. We still want to see anything though that hasn’t yet been made available or preserved – so personally developed titles, we are interested in!
  6. For games where information is lacking, there needs to be some evidence that a conversion was planned. A news item or similar from a magazine.

If in doubt – please contact us using the link above. Well, all there is left to say is that we hope you enjoy the site, and if you’re able to help, then please do. We thrive on help from other people which helps to maintain a successful project.

We are a non-profit digitization project, aiming to digitally preserve Commodore 64 software which would otherwise be lost. If for any reason there is an item of software that you do not wish to be on the website, please contact us for removal.