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A really wonderful game produced by Timsoft, whom are well renound for their impressive C64 games in the late 90’s.

The game is a polished single screen platformer, where you control a little blob with a hi-res overlay, collecting all the objects on the screen before progressing to the next level. You have the odd creature to avoid though, so jumping and moving at the right moment is crucial.

You get all the bits really, the snazzy introduction, the cool titles and the music (Created by the great Moog). Everything in the making of a popular game.

The preview comes with 4 levels, which look great to the eye, and the game plays well. Its nothing spectacular in terms of playability, but its certainly one of the better unreleased games on the C64.

Did I say unreleased?… well, it wouldn’t be in GTW otherwise. Unfortunatly, it is in GTW for that exact reason. No full game exists anywhere at the moment of this nice little gem, though recent information has surfaced from comankh that the game was actually completed, but never released because of the dying C64 market in 1995.

Robert Kan recently mentioned the following about Arthema:

“Arthema – our best and last game. Unfortunatly, despite the fact that publisher has bought the game from us, this game was never released. We hope to be able to release it in some form in future. This game was created under label of the best polish C64 game development team – Inflexion Development.”

So it seems that a full version does infact exist and now we are trying to find out more and see if we can obtain either the full game to share with you, or find out more about the plans for this complete game.

Still in 2014, the game has yet to be found with the following update from Robert:

“As regarding Arthema – nothing has changed since … I don’t remember when This game was sold and can’t be sold again by us – this is obvious for me. Maybe at some point of the future we will try to contact the company that bought it from us to release it. For the very moment let it be as is, believe me – we were discussing this topic several times in the past”

A stunning preview, but encouraginly one with a full version maybe around the corner…

Contributions: Comankh, Philip Eicher, Jazzcat

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27/08/14 – Additional details from the coder Robert Kan

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