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A short entry for a title which was written by Patricia Curtis, and was snapped up in the end by Microprose. Before that, Patricia was touting the game around to several publishers.

All we know so far was that the game was to be an isometric puzzler. Patricia tells us that you would bounce a ball around different one screen levels – where the object was to fill the ball up with the correct colour from puddles of colour that were also moving around the level. If the ball bounced on a drain, the ball broke – if not, then the tile would bounce down and spring back.

The black colour was the bad colour and emptied your ball. You also had a few power ups and other things like indestructible ball, teleports and more.

Sadly the game is completely lost due to Patricia not keeping any of her work disks, so it is very likely that this game is now sadly lost for good.

Contributions: Patricia Curtis

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    • Sadly its a mockup! Hopefully it will turn up via a rogue disk or something in someone’s collection :)

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