Classroom Chaos

Central Solutions

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A short entry for now until we find out some more, but this was a text adventure game that was mentioned in a German C64 magazine called Aktueller Software Markt – where the title Classroom Chaos was announced as coming soon on the C64.

Although it seems the Spectrum version had got a release – the C64 version is very much at large. We don’t currently know if the game was actually started at all, or if the title is just vapourware.

Well, considering that Central Solutions did do other C64 titles – then this could well have been started. But due to the poor quality of titles released, it could be that the company closed before the C64 version could get out of the door perhaps?

If you know anything more about the game, please let us know!

Contributions: Nic, TRB

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21/05/16 – Misspell fixed on magazine name.

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  1. To play the smart-arse here the mentioned magazine was called “Aktueller Software Markt” (one letter missing above in your posting). ;)

    • Not at all TRB, and thanks :) … Often I misspell stuff, so i’m happy to be corrected. Cheers! :)

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