Force Of The Vulcan

Kele Line

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Kele Line games were a Danish games company, who now are probably most famous for their excellent title, The Vikings. They only released two other games, Tiger Mission and Zyrons Escape, before disappearing into the forgotten mists of C64 nostalgia.

However, they did have another four games slated for release, one of which was Force of the Vulcan. Nothing is known about this game other than its brief mention in issue 2 of Computer Action. It was due to be released in late 1987, the same year as The Vikings and Tiger Mission, but the company went bankrupt towards the end of the year.

Whether this game was due to be a licensed Star Trek game is unknown, though if that was the case then it is likely that there would be more information about the game available. As it is we can presume it would be a sci-fi game, as the reference to Vulcan would suggest (unless it’s a game about vulcanised rubber). Well, Rune Vendler confirms that the game was to be a sideways scrolling beat-em-up, which was actually later changed and released as Thunder Force on the Rack It/Hewson label. The original game was to be based loosely on the Yoko Tsuno comic book “The Forge of Vulcan”, but was not an official licence.

So we now have some credits, and the question remains to whether anything of the original game still exists?

Contributions: Anders, Rune Vendler

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27/12/14 – Details of what happened to the game thanks to Rune Vendler

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  1. The game was a side-scrolling beat-’em-up and was later released as “Thunder Force” by Rack It/Hewson. It was (very) loosely based on the Yoko Tsuno comic book “The Forge of Vulcan”, but wasn’t an official license.

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