Island Of Monsters

Hermit Software

Status: Preview, Findability: 5/5

Another game in the same week released by Hermit Software, and just as with their Mortal Kombat 2 conversion, they stun again with Island of monsters.

The game was started by Hungarian crew Hermit Software back in 1998, and unfortunately was never to be finished. However, a good chunk of the game is infact playable where you can fight in a Barbarian 2 style game with awesomely detailed graphics throughout. The main characters in the game especially are very well defined.

In addition to the playable parts, there is a really nice animated introduction sequence which overall gives this preview some real polish compared to some unreleased titles we have in the GTW vaults.

We’re not entirely sure why the game was cancelled, but we are convinced it was done as a labour of love for the machine. There is rumour that the developer sold his C64, and only recently got one back in around 2001, where he was able to dig out some of his unreleased works.

This is a fantastic preview which will impress you very much and is certainly well worth seeing! We hope to learn more about it soon!…

A fantastic preview of a fantastic looking game…

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