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Our next entry is for a title that seems to have been cracked long ago, but not within many of the online repositories (if at all). Jaceman seems to feature the main character from the game Alien that was released by CP Verlag in 1990.

We don’t think its 100% complete, and there isn’t much to it apart from running along and avoiding objects for as long as you can. However, its an interesting curiosity that is great to see saved. Thanks to Csaba Virag for saving!

Hopefully in time we will learn more about the game and what the intentions were for it. Or was it a hack of a game already out there?

Well, Michael Plate from Gamebase confirmed right away that it is indeed a hack of a game called Shila, which was released by Tronic Verlag in 1987.  So that is the mystery almost solved, and case closed! :)

Contributions: Csaba Virag, Michael Plate, Alakran

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Update history

  • 06/01/24 – Added in missing download.
  • 23/12/23 – Michael Plate confirms origins of game.
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