Mars Cops

Arcana Software

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A game which was mentioned in Zzap issue 49 on page 3, coming soon on the Amiga and C64. A few mentions were done of the game across a few issues, but sadly nothing was to ever surface.

Thanks to Brendan Phoenix, here is a scan from Commodore User which shows the Amiga version at least (see gallery).

This depicts a game where you fly around the Mars terrain in an Afterburner’esq style of game. The Amiga version was meant to be imminent, but it never seemed to surface unfortunately. Did Arcana Software go under before it could get a release?

Do you know anything more about this title?

Contributions: Brendan Phoenix

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17/02/15 – Scan added thanks to Brendan Phoenix

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