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U.L. Software

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Our next entry into the archives is an obscure sideways scrolling game where you control Eddie, whose great passion is hang gliding. The game got mentioned recently in a new thread on Lemon64.

The adventure begins with news of the kidnapping of his beloved Lisa, by a tyrant called Ozman who is the ruler of Kali Ambar. You must save Lisa by manoeuvring your glider past Ozman’s assistants, walls and repeatedly appearing faces. You collect bonus stars by kicking your feet, where 100 stars will get you an extra life.

Using different collectables, you can be immune to the background elements or even destroy them temporarily or get additional lives and points as you try and progress through 31 levels.

The game was reviewed in the German magazine Joystick and got average scores overall, but was praised at least for the cheap price. However the game was to completely disappear and only would see brief mentions in magazines.

64’er wouldn’t review the game, but mentioned that there was 13 pieces of music overall and a competition to find a hidden word on the last level.

The game should have been sold and released by a relatively unknown publisher called “U.L. Software”, who don’t seem to have done anything else. Was the game actually ever sold by mail order, or was it canned after the poor review?

As mentioned on the Lemon64 thread, the game may well have been inspired by the 1982 Atari/Kaneko arcade game – Fast Freddie.

We hope to find out more soon. If you know anything about the development or who “U.L. Software” were, then please let us know.

Contributions: Kirie e Leison, Bultro, Fabrizio Bartoloni

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