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Also known as: Queen Silvia

A slightly dodgy entry into the GTW archives which was highlighted thanks to contributors @DanTilert and @tommixhelsinki.

Swedish magazine Datormagazin ran a short article on porn games in 1987, and within the article as the mention of a game called Silvia, created by Swedish hacker groups.

The game features Queen Silvia of Sweden  “busy with something completely unmentionable”, and was described as a “very ugly attack on Queen Silvia” that was already widely circulating among computer interested young people in Sweden.

Little else is known about the “game” at this stage, though we haven’t yet been able to find any trace of it. Only a music file with the name Silvia, and a demo featuring someone else completely. If this was spread around, then it maybe wasn’t spread as much as first thought.

If you know anything more about the game or can help us find and preserve it, then please let us know.

Contributions: @DanTilert, @tommixhelsinki

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