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Status: Full Game, Findability: 5/5

Another title from Alter Developments before bigger things came along.

Smash Out is a Pong clone which looks quite nice, and plays ok for a Pong clone. It is nothing spectacular, but it was never mean’t to be. This was to make a bit of money until the bigger things out there could be tackled, such as other projects like Championship Run and History Of The World.

The game was finished, and spread around various disk magazines in the hope of being picked up. However, they all refused it as the game had been done before in their catelogues already.

Although we have the preview from Niels, we have also added the full version. The preview is the version which was thrown together possibly for the ECTS.

Overall it’s a nice Pong clone, and worth looking at if you haven’t already. There’s no two player mode, so you’ll have to play with yourself sadly! ;-)

Case closed!…

Contributions: Niels Brouwers, Charles Haley

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Creator speaks

Niels Brouwers speaks to GTW about work on Smash Out..

"The game is a nice clone of the well known 'pong'. It was finished and I tried selling it to several (most) german diskmagazines but they were not interested because they already had such a game in their portfolio (well, fair enough, as that's where I got the idea from in the first place :-) ).

Then Remi offered to try to sell it for me, he was sure he could do it so we made this preview-ish demo. Remi and I were (are? :-) ) both in the scene-group Mega Industries. I'm guessing this preview was thrown together for the ECTS, that we used to visit a couple of times. It wasn't published in the end, and ended up in the dustbin."

Niels Brouwers.

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