The Advanced Music Synth

Channel 8

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

This program was announced as ‘coming soon’ in an advert for their series of educational games (most of which never seem to have been released). It is not given a name; hence its description will have to serve as a sort of working title.

Given the lack of a name, it’s even harder to come up with any theories on this one as it is for the other GTWs we have for Channel 8 Software. However, given the straightforward premise, namely a synthesizer program, perhaps we don’t need one! In fact the idea of releasing such a program for Channel 8 Software does seem rather odd, given that it would be nothing like their other releases. However, they did distribute Brian Howarth’s adventure games, so perhaps someone came to them with a near-complete program and they agreed to distribute it for them too.

Of all the Channel 8 Software programs that went unreleased, this would be perhaps the most interesting find, and given that it might have been worked on by a third party (sheer speculation though that is) perhaps it’s the one we have the best chance of finding also. Or conversely, the very fact its nothing like the rest of their releases could mean it’s the one we have the least chance of finding!

Contributions: Peter Weighill

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