Three Weeks In Paradise


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

The final part of the Wally games series, to round things off and complete what was a fantastic series of games pre-Dizzy era.

This time the Wally family were off on holiday, but become stranded on a desert island. The aim? – To escape and get back home.

The game was a big hit on the Spectrum and predictably recieved high scores. However the C64 version was never seen.. although advertised.

Considering that all the other Wally games were converted to the C64 by Nick Jones, it is very surprising that the final game didn’t make the translation. Mikrogen continued roughly into 1987 before going under, so what happened is anyone’s guess.

We were in contact with Nick Jones a long time ago, but sadly have lost contact since. It is highly likely that Nick did do the C64 conversion, but how far exactly and why was this not released?   Well, in 2012 we got hold of Nick again and sadly he confirmed that he did not do a conversion.

It seems likely therefore that there was no C64 version ever in production – but we need that confirmation to close the case.

Anyone know any more of this conversion or lack of one?

Contributions: Andrew Fisher, Peter Weighill

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30/07/21 – Fix to company title

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