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A quick entry for a game which was reviewed in Commodore Cracker issue 4. This was a card game that was being sold from a homebrew developer for a very cheap price. It was described as a well made game which came with a number of other cool programs on the tape/disk.

Nothing seems to have surfaced of the game on any archive.

The game was a main program on a compilation tape released by Daniel Mossop back around 1995 time. It is a card game of the same name where you have up to 4 players and the aim is to knock your opponents out of the game by leaving them with no piles.

Commodore Cracker’s review stated that the game came with very clear instructions and good presentation, with big clear card graphics. The other programs that came with the game were Diary and Upside Down Letter.

Overall, it would be good to try and find this game – is Daniel Mossop out there still with a tape somewhere!

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