Vinnie Jones Soccer Spectacular

Screen 7

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Yet another football game for the C64, though an unreleased one luckily for you who are sick of all the poor footy games to grace the C64 (excluding just a few).

Screen 7 announced the signing of Vinnie Jones (who was at Leeds United at the time) to create a game called “Vinny Jones Soccer Spectacular”. The game was to be developed for the C64, Spectrum (probably Amstrad too) and Amiga by Emerald Software.

Emerald Software are known for doing the conversions of Moonwalker, Vigilante and Running Man on the C64. That track record in itself doesn’t seem to bode well, and it is possible that the game could have been terrible had it been released. However, we’ll reserve judgement until we hopefully see something of this game.

The question is – did it ever get that far? There are no versions out there for any other platform, with the Spectrum version listed as missing in action on World Of Spectrum. Screen 7 only seemed to have any releases back in 1989, and nothing beyond that point. This suggests that the game never made it due to Screen 7 going under.

Do you know any more about this game?

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