Winter Camp Lost Level


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Ok, not so much a full entry for Winter Camp… because as you all know, the game was infact released.

However, issue #77 of Zzap 64 showed that there were other levels which were created and dropped for the game for various reasons. Even a competition was held once to design new levels for the game… were any of these created by Jon and unused?

One level we can report on is a vertically scrolling version of Level 2, which was scrapped because it glitched too much. Additionally there were different bonus games created, which were also scrapped.

Although we do not search a lost full title, it would be interesting to see parts of a game which never got seen… pushing the GTW boundaries a bit for those who are interested.

Jon Ferrari is yet to be found to ask about various titles, but we hope to find him soon. Only time will tell…

More research needed…

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