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Yes, the game was indeed released – though there were a number of changes that had to be made during development, including many ideas dropped from the final game.

In issue #77 of Zzap 64, they revealed that there were other levels which were created and dropped for various reasons. Even a competition was held to design new levels for the game, where some may well have been created and then later dropped.

One level we can report on is a vertically scrolling version of Level 2, which was scrapped because it glitched too much. There was thankfully a rare screenshot in the article which you can see here:

lost level1 1

Additionally there were different bonus games created, which were also scrapped. Although we do not search for a lost full title, it would be interesting to see parts of a game which never got seen.

Sadly developer John D. Ferrari passed away many years ago, and it is likely that his unreleased works may never see the light of day as a result. We’ll see what happens, but at the very least the game was finished and released.

Contributions: Stephen Stuttard

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05/01/22 – Added scans from Zzap, and rare screenshot of scrapped vertical scrolling level.

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