The Punisher

1990 The Edge

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

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The Punisher was advertised in various magazines, and was advertised by The Edge for all machines, including the Commodore 64.

The game is based on the film project of the time which starred Dolph Lundgren and which went straight to Video. We think the Amiga version did make it out.

Just how far the C64 conversion got is unknown. The advert was all that ever existed really of the C64 conversion. The Edge did disappear after a little while, so maybe only got the Amiga and ST versions finished before they closed their doors. Some companies did tend to spend more time on the 16bit conversions, and the 8-bit versions came last.

The game looked to be some kind of early Doom game, from the Amiga shot that was with the advert. Just how the C64 could have handled this is anyone’s guess anyway.

Without credits to give or anything, it will be hard to find this game… Though according to Jason, the golden boys of Edge at the time were non other than Ian + Mic, so maybe they could have been a part in the conversion?

Possible punishment to us that we may never see this…

Contributions: Jason Kelk

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