Squibbly Shibbly

1997 Miracle FX Productions

Platform: Commodore Amiga 1200

An interesting title for the Commodore Amiga that was highlighted to us by contributor Ivan and was reviewed in Amiga Format magazine back in July 1997.

Although a decent enough looking platformer at a time when software was a little scarce on the platform, Amiga Format ripped the game to shreds and gave it a very poor 20%.


The game had been created in the Reality Software Construction Kit, and in the game you controlled Squibbly and had to find various objects to give to your family. There were also family members imprisoned that you had to try and release. Sort of similar to the Dizzy games in a strange way.

The game was written by a young Daniel Jobbins, who was just 14 at the time and wanting to get into the games industry. The Amiga Format was perhaps a bit too brutal and hadn’t really taken into consideration that this was someone who was trying. I guess they had to be honest, as the software was being sold as a commercial product.

It was unfortunate and maybe they would have been a little less harsh had they realised the age of the developer. However, it was enough to put Daniel off from making games completely, and the game was never released in the end as a result.

We got in touch with Daniel, who was surprised to hear from us, but was pleased that we would be featuring the game. He also confirmed that he may still have a copy on floppy disk, and concept sketches too. We hope to try and preserve the game in the future, as well as showcase Daniel’s sketches if he can find them. Watch this space!

With thanks to Ivan for flagging up the title and Daniel Jobbins for getting back to us.


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