Pirates of the Ocean (GTW64 highlight)

A highlighted review from the http://www.gtw64.co.uk archives

1987 Kele Line Games

Pirates of the Ocean was one of four games slated for release by Kele Line in 1987, alongside Force of the Vulcan, that never made it to release. The only two games they released in 1987 were Tiger Mission and The Vikings, which were to be their last released before going bankrupt in the same year.

The only reference to Pirates of the Ocean we have comes in issue two of Computer Action and as such we have no screenshots, code or design notes to see what the game was intended to be.

An obvious guess, given the title, would be that it was a sea-faring game, with lots of, erm, piratesand oceans. Beyond that though, we are left guessing.

The Vikings is actually one of my favourite C64 games of all time, despite it getting mixed reviews in the press at the time. As such Id like to see these Kele Line games found more than most, and did manage to get in touch with the writer of The Vikings, Soren Gronbech, about these unreleased games.

Sadly, although he said the names seemed familiar he had no memory of them, so for now Pirates of the Ocean remains lost at sea (ho ho).

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