Early screens Robocop, Predator, R-Type

A few quick early screens that have been spotted by Martin Inter recently, in particular for the C64 conversions of Robocop, Predator and R-Type in Zzap Italia.

Predator and R-Type are quite small oddities, but for Robocop, in the Zzap Italia review was a factory level with a very different looking background with different colours and also doors not present in the final game:


With Predator, there are some early screens with slightly different graphics and no score panel at all:

predatorv1 1

predatorv1 2

Finally, R-Type is of the original cancelled conversion, but showing the ship early on with two pods instead of one. It is indeed possible to get two pods, but not usually until later in Level 1:

rtype v1

And that’s it – some small, but interesting early differences to share, with thanks to Martin Inter for highlighting.

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